Husband, wife and son

husband, wife and son




The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund is a statewide non-profit charitable effort that was established in 1996 to keep the heat and power on for thousands of Wisconsinites most vulnerable in crisis. Through public, private and community partnerships, KWW/CF provides preventative services and the financial assistance necessary to alleviate potential life-threatening energy-related emergencies during Wisconsin's harsh winters and blistering hot summers. Ninety-five percent of those helped by the Fund are veterans, elderly, disabled or working families with young children.

Providing a safety survival net

The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund provides energy assistance grants and services where government funds are not available or fall far short in meeting the needs of those most vulnerable in crisis. We are proud to be the critical safety survival net that often averts life-threatening situations from occurring, prevents homelessness, and keeps those in need safely in their homes.

To the maximum extent possible, KWW/CF involves a cross section of the community on a grassroots level and engages them in a number of public awareness and fundraising events.

Side view portrait of an elderly woman with glasses