Husband, wife and son

husband, wife and son




Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund's Heat for Heroes Program Keeps the Heat and Power on and Avoids Crises and Homelessness for Struggling Veterans in Need.

This Blistering Summer Heat Bringing on Record Calls for Crisis Assistance

Many elderly, disabled, and Veteran Households in need looking for help from KWW/CF during this summer’s spikes in temperature

Most people think that once we get through the bitter cold of the long winters in Wisconsin and move towards the warmer spring weather that the energy needs faced by those who are most vulnerable – the elderly, the disabled, especially Veterans,  young kids, and those with chronic respiratory issues – have gone away.  At no fault of their own many are still trying to pay for the past winter’s mounting heating costs that have placed an incredible strain on their very limited income. To further compound their ongoing energy plight, they go into the blistering summer heat not being able to afford those exceptionally high electric costs brought on by medically needed room air conditioners or fans, leaving most with chronic respiratory issues facing serious health risks.

This summer we’ve seen particularly hot and humid weather and for many households that can barely afford a fan, their electric costs are so high that they can’t even turn them on.  “They know that they can’t afford to pay, in many cases, 30 to 40 percent of their income or more towards those electric bills during the summer months. We’ve seen a record number of calls for those in crisis coming forward from our most vulnerable community members.

“The focus is often about helping people during the bitter cold, but the reality is that we’ve had a record amount of calls each day for folks who are placed in a life-threatening situations because of their simply inability to keep their power on,” Bruer adds. “Particularly for veterans and the aged who are at risk on a daily basis in unprecedented numbers because of their health concerns and having no place else to turn.”

Over the years, Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund and Heat for Heroes has played a major role in offsetting those summer heat-related calls for assistance. “Because of the charity and generosity from utility customers, stockholders, and other donors for the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund, we’ve come together in partnership with our government support to work hand in hand with the utilities to identify the households that are most at risk and have been responding to record numbers of life-threatening situations.”

Again, it’s especially true for the veterans who are coming in with chronic respiratory issues and related disabilities brought on by their service to this country. 


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Rising Demand for Heat Assistance


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