Husband, wife and son

husband, wife and son



February 09, 2021 @ 12:00am

Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund donors provide a critical survival safety net for those economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

High unemployment or being underemployed creates serious challenges for Wisconsinites trying to stay safely in their homes and keep their heat and power on

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted just about every part of our daily lives. Tens of thousands of businesses across the nation have closed their doors -- some permanently. Longtime traditions and celebrations have been canceled or postponed. Traveling out in public now comes with an added health risk, and proper precautions must be taken. Households have transformed into temporary work stations and classrooms.



Thousands of Wisconsinites who once felt financially secure now find themselves unemployed and in crisis. More than a million unemployment claims have been filed by Wisconsinites to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development since the outbreak started in mid-March. The DWD reported that regular weekly unemployment claims increased from 29,636 in a given week during April 2019 to 320,952 in the same week in April 2020 -- a year -to 13.6% at its peak in April.

With the help of thousands of donors, the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has leveraged its many public and private partnerships to meet the needs of those facing unprecedented crisis situations caused by the ongoing public health emergency. “We are committed to doing everything humanly possible to provide a lifeline to those who have been hit the hardest,” Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund Founder/Chief Spokesperson Tim Bruer said. “Pride has always been a barrier and issue for those who have never been or exposed or involved in any way to this social safety net. It’s even more difficult for them to come forward.

“It’s only because of the incredible support we have received from a cross-section of sectors throughout Wisconsin that our organization has been able to achieve the success it has had.”

Applying for life-sustaining assistance through other organizations isn’t always easy. But, with the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund’s user-friendly interface, the process has never been more simplified when responding to those affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

By visiting, those who are experiencing a significant energy burden where other available resources are inadequate can get immediate help from the organization. The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund works with applicants on a case-by-case basis, with staff responding immediately and helping them through the process to ensure they obtain the documentation required for expedited eligibility, and to qualify for supplemental support normally within just one week.

During the past 2 decades, the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has provided emergency energy assistance grants and services to Wisconsinites in situations where government funds fall short in meeting their individual needs, or when there are simply no other options.

Since its inception, the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has leveraged $38.8 million to come to the aid of more than 132,344 Wisconsin households in emergency situations.

Once again the generous support from the public, utilities, labors, private groups, and individuals across Wisconsin have allowed the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund team to answer the immediate desperate call of those who are most in need since the COVID-19 pandemic began taking its toll.

Not only does the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund provide financial assistance, the organization also relies on its close relationship with Wisconsin’s utility companies to facilitate payment plans on energy bills. The dedicated team also provides budget counseling, and other financial services to those who are struggling.



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