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December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Spotlight on Corporate Partnerships: Focus on Energy Working with KWW/CF and the State of WI to Offset Rising Energy Costs by Conserving Energy

Focus on Energy has a state contract to do energy conversation. Its efforts help WI residents and businesses manage rising energy costs, promote in-state economic development, protect our environment and control WI’s growing demand for electricity and natural gas. In partnership with 108 WI utilities, Focus on Energy helps single-family homeowners, renters, and property owners make energy related improvements to their homes.

“We are the statewide energy efficiency program so we partner with almost all of the utilities in the state to offer incentives to homeowners and businesses to make energy efficient choices and to make upgrades to their homes and businesses,” says Scott Bloedorn, Project Manager at Focus on Energy.

Bloedorn and Focus on Energy, who empower the people and businesses of WI to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits, have been a collaborator with KWW/CF for years.

“We are happy to partner with KWW/CF when we can,” Bloedorn says. “Currently, we’re working on a couple of different areas trying to help KWW/CF enhance cost savings through a number of conservation opportunities we can offer.

“They are planning to install free highly efficient LED bulbs for veterans and it’s a great opportunity for us because they are already in people’s houses. We’ve got the bulbs and they have the need. Everything works together,” he adds.

“They are targeting their resources – especially in terms of LED bulbs and other conservation tools that they can provide – to low-income, elderly and disabled populations … especially veterans,” says Energy Services, Inc. Executive Director Tim Bruer. “It’s about 20,000 bulbs that are going out, and they can seamlessly interface with our Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund recipients. Along with his active involvement with the KWW/CF Golf Charity Classic, he has also been active working with us on collaborative efforts to bring down folks’ energy costs and consumption.”

“Focus on Energy has been a supporter of Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund and an active participant in our annual golf outing,” Bruer says. “We really appreciate that.”

Over the years, the KWW/CF Charity Golf Classic has raised over $1.7 million for people in need.

“I love that event. It’s a lot of utility folks and people that work in the energy space so it’s a lot of people and organizations we partner with. It’s just a great mission-driven event that raises a lot of money,” Bloedorn says. “And we get to golf, too! But, yes, it’s nice to be able to get out and raise money for something good that benefits the whole state.”

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