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husband, wife and son




April 29, 2021 @ 12:00am


The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund is proud to announce the launch of Crescendo On Wisconsin, a statewide campaign committed to helping struggling Entertainment Industry workers stay safely in their homes by providing emergency energy and rental assistance during these difficult times.

The entertainment and hospitality industry has been one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the country, indoor music venues have faced capacity limitations making it impossible to remain open, while outdoor music events with large gatherings of people were canceled in an effort to curb the spread of the infectious disease. Drastically reduced performance opportunities brought the industry to a screeching halt.

The Crescendo On Wisconsin Campaign is reaching out to provide a hand up by assisting entertainment industry workers (artists, musicians, stage and sound crew, venue workers, etc.) with obtaining much-needed financial assistance for keeping a roof over their heads or their

February 09, 2021 @ 12:00am

River 2 Ridge Disaster Resilience Group Energy Assistance Partnership with KWW/CF

Local Non-profit provides $30,000 in assistance for those in need in a four-county area

The River 2 Ridge Disaster Resilience Group (R2R) partnered with the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund in October to provide $30,000 of energy assistance relief to residents in Vernon, Monroe, Crawford, and LaCrosse counties in Wisconsin.

While the R2R mission is to provide flood recovery relief for individuals and businesses, the pandemic of 2020 caused them to expand their crisis relief efforts.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

WI Pipe Trades Supports KWW/CF/Heat and Housing for Heroes in Many Ways

Along with being in the forefront of progressive action that has resulted in the training and employment of veterans, the Pipe Trades has also been a major factor in raising public awareness in media markets around the state of Wisconsin and meeting veterans unmet needs. Their rank and file support of the highly successful Heat and Housing for Heroes ad campaign has resulted in an unprecedented number of veterans averting life threatening emergency situations.

The bond that’s been formed between KWWCF/Heat and Housing for Heroes and organizations across the state has led to thousands of veterans and their families receiving assistance and not worrying about basic necessities such as heat and housing.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Another Unsung Hero, Wayne Harris and 6AM Marketing, Lends Helping Hand to KWW/CF/Heat and Housing for Heroes

Marketing agency’s support helps nonprofit thrive

Wayne Harris of 6AM Marketing, shown here accepting the award for Volunteer of the Year from KWW/CF Chief Spokesperson and Founder, Tim Bruer at the 17th Annual KWW/CF Charity Golf Classic and Silent Auction.


All it took was for Wayne Harris to experience firsthand the thousands of veterans living across Wisconsin without heat every winter.

Harris, an Army Reservist Vietnam War-era veteran and the president of Madison-based 6AM Marketing, has long been a supporter and partner with the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund and Heat and Housing for Heroes. He caught wind of the many who are forced to decide between heat and affording meals through a former employee whose daughter returned from a deployment in Iraq and found herself in that very situation.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Schmidt’s Auto Inc. Support Grows with Their Popular 1937 Classic Divco KWW/CF-Schoep’s Ice Cream Truck and the Heat and Housing for Heroes “Vet Mobile”

Multi-generational family-owned business continues to help community

Mike and John Schmidt, from Schmidt Auto Inc., as caricatures featured on the back of the vintage ice cream truck that the brothers donated and refurbished for KWW/CF to use at ice cream socials around the state.

Longtime supporters of the community, as soon as Mike and John Schmidt heard what KWWCF/Heat and Housing for Heroes was doing, they wanted to extend a helping hand to families in need, especially struggling veterans.

The Schmidts, co-owners of Schmidt’s Auto Inc., were immediately sold on the idea, offering to help the organization in any way. The family-owned business gifted and restored a converted ice cream truck for use in fundraising and outreach activities. Recognizing the importance of the impact the Divco ice cream truck has had, later unexpectedly, the family also contributed a converted van. The “vet mobile” has proven not only to be invaluable for special veteran events but with its patriotic graphics it too has become an incredible crowd pleaser.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Bankers, Developers, Contractors, and Construction Companies Broaden their Support for KWW/CF/Heat and Housing for Heroes

Commitment of business community continues to inspire

The need for a grassroots effort to help those in need became clear during a bitterly-cold winter in the 1980s.

The awareness of the growing number of people enduring life-threatening situations was amplified by the tragic death of hypothermia of an elderly woman during that winter. Months later, do to her utilities being disconnected at no fault of her own, an elderly and disabled victim also died of heat stroke during the stifling hot summer with no place to turn.

Something needed to be done, and the community acted to assure those most vulnerable during Wisconsin’s harsh seasons wouldn’t face a crisis, like being unable to afford power or heat, alone.

Energy Services Inc. was founded as a survival safety net for those in need of assistance for power or heating, and the initiative has grown to help low-income households across the state during times of need. But programs such as that wouldn’

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

First Weber Foundation Impacting the Lives of Wisconsin Veterans in Need Through Partnership with KWW/CF and Heat and Housing for Heroes

United States’ military Veterans are among the least likely to come forward to ask for help in times of trouble, even when they find themselves facing life threatening situations. Pride is often the principle barrier for Veterans in receiving this much needed assistance. Recognizing this, Services, Inc. and the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund launched its statewide Heat and Housing for Heroes Campaign a few years ago.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Spotlight on Corporate Partnerships: Focus on Energy Working with KWW/CF and the State of WI to Offset Rising Energy Costs by Conserving Energy

Focus on Energy has a state contract to do energy conversation. Its efforts help WI residents and businesses manage rising energy costs, promote in-state economic development, protect our environment and control WI’s growing demand for electricity and natural gas. In partnership with 108 WI utilities, Focus on Energy helps single-family homeowners, renters, and property owners make energy related improvements to their homes.

“We are the statewide energy efficiency program so we partner with almost all of the utilities in the state to offer incentives to homeowners and businesses to make energy efficient choices and to make upgrades to their homes and businesses,” says Scott Bloedorn, Project Manager at Focus on Energy.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Partnership Between State of WI and KWW/CF Helps Keep the Heat and Power on for Those Most Vulnerable In WI

The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has a unique relationship with the State of Wisconsin that together they join forces to raise funds and awareness for some of the most vulnerable Wisconsinites who have no place else to turn to. Together they are making an incredible impact.

“It’s almost unprecedented. The historically close relationship with state officials going back to the inception of the fund. Their support which has been critical to the success of Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund beginning with former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson and continuing with every succeeding governor with their leadership the KWW/CF along with the Heat and Housing for Heroes campaign also enjoys the amazing bi-partisan support in Wisconsin’s legislature,” says Energy Services, Inc. Executive Director Tim Bruer. “We’ve not only enjoyed their support but most governors have been actively involved as the honorary chairperson of the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund campaign.”

The very unique matching fund that the organizations have set up between them is one of the reasons for the success.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Morgan Murphy Media, Channel 3000, WISC-TV and Madison Magazine Broadens Their Involvement and Continues to Build On the Success of the Mission of KWW/CF

Popular calendar raises awareness and funds for families, Veterans and others in need in Wisconsin

"They were one of the first, beyond the traditional public service announcements, to really mobilize corporate support to raise public awareness and directly involve themselves in the ongoing fundraising activities of Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund, and more recently, Heat and Housing for Heroes,” says Energy Services, Inc. Executive Director Tim Bruer.

Weatherman Gary Cannalte shown here with a past weather calendar from 2014 when the partnership between KWW/CF and Channel 3000 started.

December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Utilities and Their Customer’s Generosity Continues to Bridge the Gap Between Rising Costs and Limited Incomes

Overwhelming generosity helps keep the heat and power on for households most vulnerable throughout Wisconsin during the bitter cold winter months

The customer donations through utilities and the generosity of donors is so important for what Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund (KWW/CF) is able to do for people in need. The real unsung heroes have been the tens of thousands of contributors statewide from customers and donors every month. On top of this, thankfully, there has been a growing number of individuals from the Marinette area in northern Wisconsin to Madison in the south, both small and large, who have included Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund in their estate planning by donating as much as $10,000 each.

June 01, 2019 @ 12:00am

Schoep’s Ice Cream continues growing its ‘sweet’ bond with the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund

Iconic company, leadership, team members “roll up sleeves” to help those in need

If there’s one thing the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has relied on over the years, it’s having the support of the community.

Dozens of companies throughout the state have lent their support to the organization and provided a safety net for more than 90,000 households that find themselves in crisis. Years ago, the KWW/CF found a “sweet” match in Schoep’s Ice Cream.

The Madison-based company shows its support for the organization by hosting multiple fundraising events throughout the year. Things like the $5 all-you-can-eat Ice Cream Social at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison and Wo Zha Wah Days Fall Festival in Wisconsin Dells always bring overwhelming support that goes a long way.

A line of hungry patrons forms at an ice cream social at the East YMCA in Madison, WI.

June 01, 2019 @ 12:00am

After two decades, Betty Lou Cruises still strong supporters of KWW/CF

Von Rutenberg happy to back organization

It was the mid-1990s when Jack von Rutenberg first found out about the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund. Tim Bruer, the executive director of the nonprofit organization, was looking to reach more in-need Wisconsinites and knew the von Rutenberg family were strong supporters of the community. Twenty-three years and more than 90,000 households helped later, von Rutenberg is thrilled to see where things have led.

The Betty Lou Cruise package, generously donated by Von Rutenberg Ventures, is a popular auction item at the annual Golf Outing.

June 01, 2019 @ 12:00am

Klumb, KS Energy see results, impact support has on KWW/CF

Company will be top sponsor at this year’s golf outing

As a major contractor in the industry, KS Energy understands the need that exists during Wisconsin’s frigid winters and humid summers. With thousands of people unable to afford their utility bills throughout the year, the New Berlin-based company has remained eager to lend its support in any way possible.

When Dennis Klumb Jr., the company’s president and CEO, saw the direct impact and reach that the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund a decade ago, he was quick to get on board.

“The beauty of (the KWW/CF) is that you see where your money is going, and that’s helping families in need,” Klumb said. “When you support an organization like the KWW/CF, you’re directly helping families in need.

June 01, 2019 @ 12:00am

Olbrich Botanical Gardens, KWW/CF Share Close Bond with Community

Madison landmark hosts events benefitting the organization

For 23 years, the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has relied heavily on support from those in the community. What started as an emergency fund covering nine counties has grown to an organization that has thousands of supporters and is available in every zip code in Wisconsin.

Despite the changes, KWW/CF Executive Director Tim Bruer has always known the organization can rely on the connection it has with the Madison area. So, when Schoep’s Ice Cream and the KWW/CF formed a partnership, it was obvious to reach out to a historic place like Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

KWW/CF staff are ready to scoop delicious donated Schoep’s ice cream for hungry patrons in Madison.

January 01, 2020 @ 12:00am

Hutter, MIG Commercial Real Estate Builds on Past Support by Providing New Home for KWW/CF Customer Care Center

KWW/CF and Heat for Heroes Customer Care Center now assisting over 200,000 calls statewide for emergencies and energy assistance statewide

Brad Hutter had just made a career change from private practice to commercial real estate when he was approached by Tim Bruer.

Bruer, the alderman serving Hutter’s district at the time, was aware of the fact that MIG, and Hutter, had historically supported a number of grassroots survival safety net efforts in the area. When informed of the growing unmet need that often lead to emergencies and homelessness, Hutter took a keen interest in getting MIG actively involved. Hutter’s interest in supporting KWW/CF, an initiative to help at-risk, low-income individuals with their heating bills during the winter was the beginning of this longstanding relationship. It was a no-brainer for Hutter, the president and CEO of Madison-based MIG Commercial Real Estate. He was quick to jump on board and helped the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund get off the ground.

January 05, 2020 @ 12:00am

MG&E logo

Longtime Partnership Between Madison Gas and Electric and KWW/CF Has Been Critical to Driving Success

Local Madison Utility, its generous customers and shareholders work with KWW/CF to keep the heat and power on for those most in need

Nearly 25 years ago, Tim Bruer realized a need that was being unmet statewide, and worked to create a community organization to combat it. He just needed support to get it off the ground.

Through his many connections with the area’s utility companies through Energy Services, Inc. (ESI), Bruer formed partnerships to aid some of those most vulnerable during Wisconsin’s bitter-cold winters.

Kathy DeMets, Madison Gas and Electric Company Senior Director of Customer Service and longtime KWW/CF Campaign Committee member shown he

January 07, 2020 @ 12:00am

Ideal Builders Continues to Lead Statewide Construction Industry Support for Keeping Those Most at Risk Safely in Their Homes

Ideal Builders isn’t only responsible for building commercial developments around Wisconsin. It’s also built a strong reputation on supporting the community that surrounds it.

The Madison-based company has offered unprecedented support in ensuring thousands of low-income and at-risk Wisconsin households can keep their heat on during the bitter cold winters and their power on during the blistering summer heat.

“Ideal Builders have been major supporters of the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund and the Heat for Heroes campaign,” KWW/CF Tim Bruer said. “We truly wouldn’t be where we are without supporters like them.”

January 06, 2020 @ 12:00am

Steamfitters Local 601 Vital to Keeping the Heat on for Vulnerable Wisconsin Heroes in Need

For decades, local Steamfitters, contractors and supply houses have come together to prevent life-threatening emergencies from occurring

For the past 23 years, the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has relied on the countless partnerships it’s built throughout the state to reach thousands of at-risk households.

Whether it be community-based businesses donating funds to the cause or large-scale corporations raising awareness, the KWW/CF can always depend on the incredible relationships it’s built.


Among the KWW/CF’s longest bonds has been with area trade organizations and steamfitters, who are responsible for helping identify at-risk individuals in need of assistance.

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