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husband, wife and son



January 07, 2020

Ideal Builders Continues to Lead Statewide Construction Industry Support for Keeping Those Most at Risk Safely in Their Homes

Ideal Builders isn’t only responsible for building commercial developments around Wisconsin. It’s also built a strong reputation on supporting the community that surrounds it.

The Madison-based company has offered unprecedented support in ensuring thousands of low-income and at-risk Wisconsin households can keep their heat on during the bitter cold winters and their power on during the blistering summer heat.

“Ideal Builders have been major supporters of the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund and the Heat for Heroes campaign,” KWW/CF Tim Bruer said. “We truly wouldn’t be where we are without supporters like them.”

The relationship was built on a common belief of helping others, and it stretches more than two decades.

Bruer, an alderman representing Madison’s south side at the time, had been advocating for further development in his area. To do so, he rallied the support of neighbors, property owners, the city of Madison, developers, and many more for a project now known as the Arbor Gate Towers.

“I was in awe watching (Bruer) do his thing,” Ideal Builders President and CEO Dave Martin, whose company was the general contractor on the development, said. “Tim’s got an ability to bring people together, and it’s second to none...he’s really tremendously selfless. It’s really something else.”

Bruer’s leadership and drive was a natural fit with the mission of Ideal Builders, and the two formed a strong bond that is now stronger than ever.

“(KWW/CF) goes out and finds people who may be too proud to ask for help and helps them,” Martin said.

“One of the worst things that can happen to someone is being in your home and not having the ability to heat it, or having mechanical systems that don’t work and you can’t afford to replace them.”

The support of the company has aided the KWW/CF in raising more than $30 million to assist over 100,000 Wisconsin households in crisis.

“It’s truly remarkable what Ideal Builders have done for the KWW/CF,” Bruer said. “They have been major supporters of many of our fundraising efforts and have been there every step of the way.”

In February, Ideal Builders took part in Channel 3000’s Day of Warmth telethon, an event benefiting the KWW/CF. In addition to its staff volunteering their time by answering phones and raising awareness, the company held a match challenge, where donations of up to $5,000 were matched through a period of time.

It’s the least the company can do to pay it forward to Wisconsinites in need, Martin said, crediting Bruer for leading by example.

“Tim really cares, he is absolutely shepherding this entire organization to really help people,” Martin said. “He doesn’t do it for press, or his own pocketbook. He does it because he cares, and he knows how important the need is better than anybody.”

Not only has Ideal Builders provided financial support and helped raise awareness of the KWW/CF, the company has also leveraged its resources to take its aid to the next level. The company recently acted as a conduit to the KWW/CF and its Customer Care Center’s move to a modern facility built by Ideal Builders.

“We’re friends of ESI and KWW/CF, we take care of them and have for a long time,” Martin said. “We’re committed to the community and making sure that people with a good cause are supported by companies like mine.”


Ideal Builders

Ideal Builders, a successful Madison construction company, has been supportive of KWW/CF and the Charity Golf Classic since the first annual event.



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