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December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

Partnership Between State of WI and KWW/CF Helps Keep the Heat and Power on for Those Most Vulnerable In WI

The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has a unique relationship with the State of Wisconsin that together they join forces to raise funds and awareness for some of the most vulnerable Wisconsinites who have no place else to turn to. Together they are making an incredible impact.

“It’s almost unprecedented. The historically close relationship with state officials going back to the inception of the fund. Their support which has been critical to the success of Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund beginning with former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson and continuing with every succeeding governor with their leadership the KWW/CF along with the Heat and Housing for Heroes campaign also enjoys the amazing bi-partisan support in Wisconsin’s legislature,” says Energy Services, Inc. Executive Director Tim Bruer. “We’ve not only enjoyed their support but most governors have been actively involved as the honorary chairperson of the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund campaign.”

The very unique matching fund that the organizations have set up between them is one of the reasons for the success.

“Along with the tremendous commitment from utility companies, which leverages matching funds from other sources, we’re able to match the generosity of Wisconsinites and utility customers. When private individuals give their support, we’ve been able to leverage two dollars for every dollar that is contributed through the governor’s unique matching challenge,” Bruer says. “In addition, there is a unique relationship in every county and tribe in the state that voluntarily identifies and qualifies the most in-need people in the community for crisis-related assistance. These funds, with the uncertainty of government assistance which have been frozen in time since 1982, are so important. The demand for assistance has far surpassed the resources that have been made available.”

KWW/CF and state of Wisconsin partnership has remained strong through each and every administration – Republican or Democrat - the last three decades.

“It has not only expanded over the years, but it has brought together a fragmented network,” Bruer says. “The Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund has proven to be the bridge between the growing unmet needs and the declining resources that are available. Through this relationship, we’ve not only provided a survival safety net for those with the greatest health risks but we have seamlessly strengthened the effectiveness of the government-utilities’ low income energy assistance initiatives.

“In order to reach out to the most isolated and rural sectors throughout Wisconsin we have been able to establish incredible collaborative relationships with a cross section of county agencies, other human service providers, VFWs, hospitals, clinics, American Legions and so many others who have joined forces,” he adds. “In the past decade we’ve more than doubled the amount of resources available annually, from our generous donors, and this has had significant impact on lessening the mounting energy burden of those with low or fixed incomes. Together we not only avert life threatening situations from occurring but we achieve the long term emotional and economic stability of those assisted by our donors.”

Not only has the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund been a success and recognized statewide, but it is well-known on the national level as a very effective public-private community-funded charity.

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